The end of really nice summer weather here in Western New York has come to an end today.

Out with the sunshine and in with rain, wind, and thunderstorms. Hopefully, you had a chance to enjoy the sunny skies this past long fourth of July weekend but it will end today for a brief time.

According to Accuweather, rain and thunderstorms will be moving across Western New York today and there is a chance of severe weather today, mainly in the Southern Tier.

Today will start with some thunderstorms in the area and then a spot of sunshine before rain moves through the area again this afternoon. Along with the rain and thunderstorms will come some very windy conditions.

The good news is that the rain and thunderstorms won't be with us for a long time. Most of the rain and thunderstorms will be gone by Tuesday evening. Looking ahead to Wednesday and Thursday, it looks like the weather will be nice again.

For Wednesday, we are expecting a mix of sun and clouds along with a high temperature of around 78.

On Thursday, it looks like more of the same with more clouds than the sun. The high on Thursday will be around 81.

Heading into the weekend it looks like it will be another nice weekend. We are expecting mostly sunny skies with highs near the mid-70s to low 80s for the weekend.

Fingers crossed we will have more sun than rain throughout the month of July.

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