I'm mad. I mean, really mad. I have had enough of the customer service (or lack thereof) that companies have been providing lately. It seems like since the pandemic began and companies laid off their employees, customer service has become a wasteland. It's an empty word now because it's virtually non-existent. And I'm not talking about mom and pop shops, I'm speaking about Fortune 500 companies. Businesses and brands that should know better.

I can't tell you how many times I have called a customer service number, only to be given 5 prompt options by an automated voice. And of course, none of the options include 'customer service representative.' So my first choice is always to press '0,' hoping that will take me to a live person. But nope! Then I'm forced to begin saying 'customer service rep,' 'operator,' ' representative,' and 'human,' multiple times (many with unsavory words). Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't. If it does work, by the time I get to a living, breathing human being, I'm upset. I mean, I was probably pissed off about something if I picked up the phone to call in the first place. To have to talk to the next generation of an answering machine and only to have to convince it that my complaint is worthy of talking to a real person is already frustrating.

Photo by Charanjeet Dhiman on Unsplash
Photo by Charanjeet Dhiman on Unsplash

Then, my call gets forwarded to someone outside of the United States. I have nothing against anyone trying to make a living for themselves and their families in any country on this planet, but when I want help, I want HELP. What I have experienced too many times lately is explaining my situation to someone who may not fully understand the context of what I am calling about and is reading from a script. They do it very well...reading from the script that is. But the minute you go off the topic of their script, you get very 'scripted' answers, not 'real' help.

The next step is speaking to a supervisor, which may or may not happen.

I am convinced that most customer service reps pretend that they are going to have you speak to a supervisor, only to hang up on you, claim one isn't available, or forward you to another person who is also reading from a script.

Ever since the pandemic, it seems to me like companies don't see the value in providing excellent customer service anymore. My message to those companies is to 'do better.' I have made it a point to not do business with any company that cannot provide me with amazing customer service. I work hard for my coin and refuse to give it to companies that no longer appreciate my money or patronage.

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