If you feel like you've been asked by someone if they could "talk to a manager" a lot lately, it might be because we have a lot of "Karen's" in New York.

Now, let me start with this: I'm really not a fan of people calling someone "a Karen."  Not Karen...but "A Karen."  It really sucks for nice people who by no fault of their own were named that at birth.  And, I think name-calling at all whether it's Karen, something to do with your political beliefs, skin color, or anything else is pretty childish.  So no offense meant toward you if your name is Karen.  I'm sorry that internet meme exists.  But...it does.

That being said, we've all met a "Karen."  It's a stereotype that alludes to the person who complains about everything, always asks to speak to a manager (to complain), is incredibly entitled, and sees everything the way they want to see it, instead of the way it really is.  They demand that the world bend for their wants without regard to reality.

If you haven't somehow come across someone like this, and you live in New York, you will...and soon.

There was a study done recently by Bionic, a UK business comparison expert that "analyzed thousands of complaints from around the world to discover the true “Karens."  They looked at how many people were accused of being "Karens" (male and female) to determine real names that are most likely going to become real-life "Karens."  Just a heads up that people named John and David might not want to actually read the study.

Then they looked at states where "Karens" were most likely to be found.  Wouldn't you know, New York is in the top 3!  It came in only behind California and Texas respectively.

The real point of the study though was to help businesses deal with people who are very demanding and entitled.  How do you handle a situation like that when you are faced with a customer that comes in with a complaint that may (at the time) seem unreasonable?

Click here to see some of those solutions and the methodology behind the study.


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