This is something straight out of a movie.

The Bills will be the number two seed in the AFC playoffs after beating the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, 56-26.

Visiting Orchard Park for the team's first home playoff game in 25 years is the Indianapolis Colts. The game is at 1:05 p.m. on Saturday on CBS/WIVB.

Believe it or not, the head coach of Colts is none other than Frank Reich.

Reich played quarterback for the Bills from 1985-1994 as served as Jim Kelly's backup for the team's four consecutive Super Bowl appearances.

Reich would close his career out with the Carolina Panthers, New York Jets, and Detroit Lions until his retirement after the 1998 season.

Reich has had a long road to being a head coach. He served as an assistant for a decade with multiple teams before being hired as the Colts head coach in 2018.

It's so ironic that Reich is the opposing head coach for the Bills' first home playoff game since 1996 when Reich was just one season removed from the Bills and still playing in the NFL!

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Reich is still loved here in Buffalo and even though we're happy for his success in Indy, not enough to be rooting for a Bills win this upcoming Saturday.

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