Bills fans who are old enough to remember, know where they were on this date in 1993 as the Buffalo Bills completed what was the "Greatest Comeback Ever."

I know, it's a record that no longer stands.  The Minnesota Vikings were able to pull off a bigger comeback just last year on December 17, 2022.  But as Bills fans, we will never forget the day when the Bills shocked the world.

It was January 3, 1993.  The Buffalo Bills were hosting the Houston Oilers in a Wild Card game at Rich Stadium.  The Bills fell behind and were headed into the locker room down to the Oilers 28-3.  Houston quarterback Warren Moon was on fire in the first half.  He was 19/22 for 218 yards with 4 touchdowns.  It looked like the Bills were getting ready to play some off-season golf a little early.  Then after an early second half interception pick-six, they were rolling the Bills 35-3.

The Bills were counting on their backup quarterback Frank Reich to help keep their playoff dreams alive.  And he did.

The Bills came out swinging in the second half.

After a couple of interceptions by Henry Jones and Carlton Bailey and a couple of long receptions from Don Beebe and Andre Reed, the Bills took it to overtime.  It was up to Steve Christie to send the Oilers home, and he did.

It was one of the most amazing things for Bills fans to ever witness, but most of us didn't.  The game was blacked out in Buffalo.  At the time, Rich Stadium held around 80,000 fans, but it feels like every person you talk to was at that game.

I remember listening to that game on the radio.  14-year-old me was cleaning my room as I listened to Van Miller's every word.  As another score would happen I'd run out to the garage to tell my dad.  He thought I was nuts for even leaving it on the radio after the first half, but I've never been one to miss a play.  It's something I still do even today.  It doesn't matter how far they're down or how much they're winning by.  If there's a game on and I have a chance to watch or listen to it, you can count on me doing that until the very last whistle has been blown.

The record was beaten in 2022.  But to me, even though I never really watched it happen, that's still the greatest comeback I've ever seen.

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