Yet another former Buffalo Bill is experiencing success elsewhere after showing nothing as a Buffalo Bill. Aaron Maybin who now plays for the New York Jets has been making a name for himself with 6 sacks.

Maybin recently was interviewed on the Jim Rome radio show and was asked about the Buffalo Bills. Maybin said "There is not a guy in that locker room who can say they are actually trying".  A lot of Bills fans maybe thinking the same thing but to hear Maybin say those words has to sting. 

Maybin was a first round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills back in 2009 and could barely get on the field.  Did the Bills let him go to soon?  Are the Bills coaches to blame for not getting any production out of him.  All I know is that the Jets were able to take a Bills cast off and make a game changer out of him.

And what about Marshawn Lynch.  He's another former Buffalo Bill that is seeing better days than he had here in Buffalo.  Yes Freddie Jackson is a great back and does not have the legal problems that Marshawn did but he is an example of Bills coaches not knowing what to do with their players.

Coming up this week we have former Buffalo Bill quarterback JP Losman coming to town with the Miami Dolphins and if Matt Moore is unable to play the Bills defense will see a lot of JP.  Hopefully the Defense can show up and stop him.

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