It is school picture time and the biggest struggle might be what to dress your kids in for the photo! It is a challenge that most parents face and that includes a very popular former player for the Buffalo Bills.

In a Tweet this week former offensive line player, Eric Wood, shared his story about his son wanting to wear a very particular outfit for his annual school picture. Eric's son Garrett wants to wear the #17, Josh Allen's jersey for the picture!

If you have ever tried to argue with a three-year-old, you realize how difficult that can be. They will kick, they will scream and even try to negotiate until they wear you down to the point of giving in.

Garrett had some strength in his corner with Josh Allen responding with a GIF giving his approval.

Picture day is one of the most memorable days in a kids' school experience. I attended Catholic school for elementary school and picture day was the one of the few days that we were able to wear something other than the standard uniform. Every now and again I will see one of my old class photos and wonder what our parents were thinking??

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