This may have been the toughest Bills loss since the Wild Card playoff defeat against the Tennessee Titans 20 years ago.

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The Bills lost a heartbreaker in Houston against the Texans on Saturday in this year's Wild Card playoff game, 22-19.

There was a ton of things to take away from the game, including Buffalo's inabilities to capitalize on offense, but maybe the biggest question asked by fans after the loss was the brutal and controversial "blindside block" penalty committed by Bills tackle, Cody Ford.

The penalty was made and instead of it being the Bills ball inside Texans territory, with the game-winning field goal on the marched the Bills back on their side of the field and led to an eventual punt. The Texans kicked the game-winning field goal on the next drive to win the game.

Former NFL Vice President of Officiating and current NFL Rules Analyst for Fox Sports, Mike Pereira said in a tweet after the game that he believed the blindside block call on Ford was incorrect. He said he would ask for a rule change to the NFL on Monday.

The player was coming from behind the play but he was square to Cody Ford and as Pereira said, he didn't lead with the head, just pushes him.

Pereira later said while he believes the Bills penalty was wrong, he didn't think the refs missed the play clock running down to 00 on the next drive.

There was also the second-half kickoff, which was originally called a Bills touchdown after the Texans returner flipped the ball to the official without kneeling or signaling a fair-catch, but overturned after the refs determined the player "gave himself up."

All in all, it was a stinger and Bills fans now have to look forward to next season. There's no doubt that the Bills will be set up to be good for a long time though, so plenty to be excited about for Bills Mafia!


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