Very well-known and former Buffalo News sports reporter, Jerry Sullivan caused a stir in the post-game press conference after the Bills game on Monday night. A lot of media folks were on both sides of the debate: was the question Sullivan asked rude?

Tensions were high.

The Buffalo Bills lost.

To a team who passed the ball only 3 times. No one was happy.

Jerry asked Jordan Poyer and Micha Hyde if they were going to be "embarrassed"  because a team has not lost that way in over 40 years. It did not go over well. They walked out. Hyde told Sullivan to give them more respect, that was not cool. 

FOX Sports thought that Buffalo's Jerry Sullivan's question was BRUTAL. While I was watching 'The Herd' with Colin Cowherd the other day on the Tuesday after the Bills and Patriots game, Colin Cowherd brought up Jerry Sullivan's question and really criticized him. He never used Jerry's name, but he certainly had a lot of say about the incident. the minute you use the word embarrass you lost him, see their body language it's a bad reporting move, you love 'em.

I never wanna interview someone for 10 minutes and lose them. If I have a hard question I will get to it...I will ask it at the end.

One user on YouTube commented that he agreed:

Those reporters were soo disrespectful! I’m a pats fan and that question was just disrespectful to them! They got their butt whooped and to be sitting there trying to answer questions and u get one like this…

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