Frank Reich has always been a fan favorite in Buffalo.  But after the statement that he made yesterday, we remember why we love him so much.

The Indianapolis Colts were probably the team that delivered the biggest beating to the Bills last season.  They just demolished them on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  But it's hard to hate on a franchise that does something as classy as what they did this week.

You may remember Frank Reich.  He was a backup quarterback for Jim Kelly for years during the Super Bowl era.  He still holds the record for leading his team to the biggest comeback ever after beating the Houston Oilers and he definitely holds a special place in our hearts.

He is the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts now and this week he showed that he still has roots here in Western New York.

Yesterday, before he held his normal press conference to talk about the Colts and all things football, he spoke on the tragedies that happened here in Buffalo and the one in Texas and said that donations were coming from not only the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, but also from Reich and his wife.

It's an incredibly classy move from a franchise that didn't really have to do anything at all.  They could have sent their condolences and gone on with their lives, but instead decided to do something to help.

"I'm thankful I work for an owner who really cares." - Frank Reich

It renews your faith in humanity when something like this happens.  We're thankful that Buffalo still runs through Reich's veins.  Thank you to him and the entire Colts organization.

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