There is really no guide book for what happened on Monday night. 

While the play on the field was devastating to athletes and friends of Hamlin, it also left the audience and football fans across the country shaken up, especially in Buffalo. 

In a place like Buffalo, we carry the members of the Buffalo Bills as if they are part of our family, because in a way, they are. 

Our Buffalo community is so close-knit. We see these guys at our local grocery stores, helping out at schools, doing anything they can to help our local community. 

When something like this happens, and it’s shown to the world on a national level, you simply don’t know what to do. 

I don’t know about you, but I felt like I couldn’t sleep. I also felt like I needed to do something, but what can you do other than wait around to hear updates?

One Western New Yorker is stepping up to help process the grief that comes with witnessing what we all saw. 

Jason Cashing is a pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown, NY, and he has experience in processing grief and traumatic stress. That’s why Cashing offered to make his services available to the Bills Mafia. 

Here’s what he said:

Hey Mafia - a simple offer: if you find yourself desiring someone to talk with as we all continue to process last night & what we witnessed, as we continue to pray for Damar and our team, you can reach out to me via PM. I’m a minister, have been a firefighter & EMT, served as a fire chaplain, and have studied trauma & traumatic stress, but all that is to say I have some background & experience in the processing of grief & trauma. My goal is not to convert, and you do not have to believe as I do. I’m willing to be a resource, an aide, for you. But if not me, I encourage everyone to find someone you can talk with; trust me, it helps more than we think. Peace, & Go Bills.”

Amazingly, more people started to offer their services in the comments section, too. Other doctorally trained counselors said that they would make themselves available if anyone needed to talk as well. You can read more here

It goes to show you that it only takes one to start a wave of positivity. 

We stand with you, #3. 

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