One of the reasons that Buffalo and Western New York loves this Bills team so much is because of the personalities and people who make up the roster and coaching staff (as well as the front office).

Yes, the team is in fact the Super Bowl favorite heading into the 2022 regular season, and while the team's performance the last three seasons has been a huge help in driving team spirit, this team has so many likable players too.

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Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs tops that list, but Bills Mafia adores others players such as Tre'Davious White, Dawson Knox, Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, Mitch Morse and Isaiah McKenzie.

Wide receiver Gabriel Davis is another one of those players who has become a fan-favorite, and Davis talked with the media on Tuesday afternoon. The discussion centered around offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey.

Dorsey is former college football and NFL quarterback and has been with the Bills coaching staff since 2019. He was promoted to offensive coordinator when former OC Brian Daboll was named head coach of the New York Giants.

Dorsey still has not yet decided if he will call plays from down on the field or from up in the booth. Some OC's prefer field-level, while some prefer to have that overhead vantage point from the box.

Davis says him and his teammates will make sure Dorsey is up in the box, because he gets a little too fired up...

I love the honesty here. The end is my favorite part.

"We'll decide, but we'll make sure he's in the box. We'll make sure he's up there for sure," said Davis.

This team is amazing.

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