Garth Brooks was on the Buffalo TV stations this morning, and dang, it got us even more excited for Garth's concert.

Brooks is coming to Highmark Stadium in Buffalo, New York for his first show ever at the stadium, and his first concert in Buffalo since he did a run at Key Bank Center in 2015. Buffalo is the perfect place for a concert, location-wise, because of our proximity to Canada and ease of the Thruway from other cities. Garth has often welcomed and encouraged folks from Canada to come to the Buffalo show the past couple of weeks as he did his media tours.

He was on live television with our friends at Channel 2 earlier this morning, Garth was asked about the difference between going from Key Bank Center to Highmark Stadium specifically with '80,000 Bills Mafia'.

Garth's response?


Then Garth was asked if he would be going through any tables, which as you can imagine, was a fan-favorite question.

He responded safely, though by saying 'I DON'T KNOW IF I COULD SURVIVE THAT', as he laughed. Garth continued to go on and explain that he knows Buffalo is one of the 'fun' cities to come to play at. He said that he gets to pick the stadiums on his tour and he picks the fun ones.

I put a list of all of the questions for you about Garth Brooks: from COVID protocol questions, to how many tickets you can buy to if there is an opening act. Take a look at all the questions and get ready to buy your tickets on Friday, June 17 at 10 AM SHARP.

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