Easter week is here and it is time to get ready for the Easter Bunny to arrive! For kids, they are hoping for a basket full of candy and treats! For drivers, lower gas prices would be a nice thing to wake up to. However, it is not likely anytime soon.

The spring break road trips are underway and you may have plans to visit friends and family this week. Have you seen gas prices these days? For whatever reason, the rise in prices has not been front page news. Perhaps we have gotten used to paying more? Those are watching closely will note that the cost of a gallon of gas is way up.

According to Triple A, the average cost for a gallon of regular fuel is now $3.49. That is up a dime in the past week and is also eight cents more than this time one month ago.

Some portions of New York State are getting close to that four dollar mark this week. Why? International moves in the oil market are making things more expensive across the world on just about everything. OPEC will slash output and will cause much higher prices for gas!

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