There is good news for drivers all across New York State. The price of gas continues to drop.

Usually, in the summertime, we see the price of a gallon of gas go up since it takes the gas companies more money to produce the summer blend of gas. Due to high inflation rates, New York State launched a "Gas Tax" Holiday that removed the state gas tax on every gallon of gas sold in the state.

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This "Gas Tax" holiday has helped keep the price of a gallon of gas under $5 per gallon and now we are starting to see the average price for a gallon of gas drop every week. Currently, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $4.56 in New York State, which is around 24 cents more than the national average.

Here is what the average price of gas costs around New York State, according to AAA.

Buffalo - $4.56
Rochester - $4.66
Syracuse - $4.64
Albany - $4.50
Binghamton - $4.60
New York City - $4.59

The average price of a gallon of gas in New York has dropped nearly 12 cents over the past seven days. That price has dropped nearly 40 cents over the past month.

Looking back at last year, New York drivers are paying around $1.36 more per gallon than we were last year.

If the trend continues, hopefully, we will see gas prices drop below the $4 mark before the labor day weekend. You can find the cheapest gas price near you by clicking HERE.


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