Geneseo held its annual air show this past weekend.  The skills of the pilots were on full display, including one crew that saved their plane in what could have been a disaster.

During the show, what has been deemed one of the last airworthy Fairchild C-123s was making a landing when they avoided disaster in front of a packed crowd.

What is the Geneseo Air Show?

The Geneseo Air Show is a presentation of The National War Plane Museum which has its home in Geneseo, New York.  The show features aerobatics, formation teams, and some classic planes that make appearances.

One of those planes was known as one of the last airworthy Fairchild C-123s in the country.

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What is a Fairchild C-123?

A Fairchild C-123 is a transport plane.  According to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, it was used to transport troops and cargo to and from small, unprepared airstrips.

What happened to the C-123 at the Geneseo Air Show?

According to The Southtowns Scanner, the plane (named the Thunderpig) was making a landing when a strong crosswind pushed them off the runway into the dirt.  They were able to grab a video of it.

Click here to see the video


Everyone made it out ok

What could have easily turned into disaster with a less skilled pilot turned into a great story as not only did the entire crew make it off the plane safely, but the plane itself was ok.  According to The Southtowns Scanner it has already returned home to Air Heritage Museum in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania,

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