Something came to me that made me think of a brilliant idea.

At least....I think so. Haha.

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I was laying in bed exhausted. I could not wait to get home to sleep and as I am finally dozing off a little bit I hear my car alarm going off. You know how it goes--it's annoying. So, I get out of bed, try and find my keys quick, run downstairs and of course, it is not even MY CAR. It is the neighbor's car whose horn is going off.

Now, the horn is great to alert you in case of a possible intruder of course. But, what if we all had our own SPECIFIC sound so you would know whose car is actually going off. (Plus, that way if you need to hit the panic button in the grocery store parking lot, it will play a fun sound of song instead of the obnoxious one all cars have now.)

Imagine the Bills Shout song going off instead of the horn. LOL

We talked about it during Clay and Company on Friday, but we raised a good point. You know how sometimes one car horn will set off another one? This is what it would sound like (but at least, you would know if you have to get out of bed or not this time):

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