While you wait for a stimulus payment to hit your bank account, you may be interested to know that having kids is really paying off for families in other countries!

According to reports, South Koreans are getting paid to have more kids!

South Korean network KNN reported Wednesday the city of Changwon, the capital of South Gyeongsang Province, is combating the problem of a declining population with financial incentives.

Kids are not cheap! That may be the understatement of the year! We have three sons who are under 5 years old and we are very aware of not only the costs involved with their basic needs, but everything else that comes along with having kids. Diapers and formula add up quickly and if you send kids to daycare, the costs are incredible. $100,000 would be an incredible stimulus payment!

It was just this week that we were talking about some of the things that people spend money on that are no necessary. For example, designer clothing for infants and kids. Not only do kids grow out of things fast but they also get them dirty and tattered fast! Not spending on brand names can save a family money fast!

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In 2021, one of our goals for our family is to eat less take out. Yes, we love helping the local restaurants who really could use our help right now. But we are cutting back to a pizza night every other week to save a little more money this year. Nearly two weeks in, it remains to be seen if we stay on that course!

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