A Buffalo staple has just opened up a new store front restaurant on Elmwood Ave downtown.  If you love Charlie The Butcher roast beef, you're going to want to check out "The Carvery."

It opened up just before the storm last week so many people may have missed the big splash, but this one is going to be around for awhile.

According to Buffalo Rising, you've got a new place to get your favorite Charlie The Butcher meal now.  It's called "The Carvery" and it just opened on Elmwood.

The new address is 770 Elmwood Ave and they're open for lunch and dinner every day from 10am-9pm.


Never had Beef on Weck?  According to Charlie The Butcher's website, here are the steps:


How to eat Beef on Weck

  1. Take the top off the kummelweck roll;
  2. Add the sauces: au jus and horseradish;
  3. Make the sandwich as sloppy and wet as you can;
  4. Replace the top;
  5. Eat the sandwich;
  6. Use a million napkins.


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