Hungry Buffalonians have noticed something strange that keeps popping up on their favorite food delivery apps.

Eagle-eyed users of Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash have noticed that oftentimes, several different restaurants listed on the app are all located at the same address. Weird, right?

I realized this myself the other night when I googled the address of the place I ordered food from, and their name didn’t pop up. Instead, it was revealed to be the location of Clay Handi Restaurant on Delaware Ave.

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In fact, it seems like Clay Handi lists several different restaurants available for delivery on food apps that are all under other names.

One diligent Buffalo Reddit user took the time to list them all, which was incredibly eye-opening. 

All of these restaurants available to order from on Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Doordash are located at 3054 Delaware Ave., the location of Clay Handi:

  • Art of Biryani
  • Baisakhi Dhaba
  • Biryani Factory
  • Bombay Biryani
  • Breakfast Island
  • Burger Fiest
  • Clay Handi
  • Curry Palace
  • Flavors of India
  • Halal Grill
  • Halal Valley
  • House of Biryani
  • Hydrabadi Haleem
  • Just Vegan
  • Karachi Biryani
  • Khyber Shinwari
  • Matka Biryani
  • Ministry of Curry
  • Nihari House
  • Plant-Based Indian
  • Rolls Delight
  • Spice & Rice
  • Student Biryani
  • Tandoori Bites
  • The Roll Co.
  • United Kitchens of India
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Indian Hut
  • Vegan Valley
  • Vegan Vessel
  • Veterans Vegan
  • Zaiqa Halal Restaurant

What gives?

Some Western New York residents believe that Clay Handi could be the location of several “ghost kitchens.” Ghost Kitchens are essentially restaurants that don’t have a storefront. Customers can’t physically go there to eat because there is no dining room or waitstaff, but you could order their food on delivery apps.

Ghost kitchens became increasingly popular during the pandemic, as they helped restaurants that weren’t allowed to have customers inside bring in extra cash flow to keep them afloat. Even after restrictions were lifted, it seems that many restaurants have kept their ghost kitchens going.

There could be many reasons why restaurants still choose to utilize ghost kitchens. Perhaps the money it brings in is too significant to get rid of ghost kitchens, and wouldn’t make sense if they stopped using them. It could also be to eliminate nearby competition on delivery apps when customers are searching for a specific type of food nearby.

Either way, ghost kitchens are a strange concept, but it looks like they’re not going away in Buffalo any time soon.

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