Now is the time to start thinking about gifts for the holidays.  Gift cards actually make great gifts.  But what stores do Western New Yorkers want theirs to be for?

For a long time, people have said that gift cards weren't thoughtful enough.  They believe that gifts should come from the heart, and giving gift cards was about as thoughtful as handing over a fistful of cash.

Do you know anyone who doesn't appreciate a fistful of cash?

Gift cards make people's lives easier.  They come in extremely handy when they need them most.  On a day when you're out of cash and the bank account is low, it's an incredible gift to not have to skip coffee on an already rough morning.  And it's one that will make the gift card receiver think of you sometimes months after the holidays are over.

Plus, think about space!  If the person you're buying a gift for is part of a young couple, or they have young kids, chances are they don't have a ton of room in their apartment.  You're doing them a favor to not buy them more stuff that they're going to have to find a place for.

With all that being said, the thoughtfulness of the gift happens by choosing the right place to get the card from.  If someone doesn't even like coffee, to buy them a gift card from a coffee shop makes NO sense at all.  Even if the person you're buying for is a huge car person...if they're the kind of person that changes their own oil, a quick oil change gift card also seems a little thoughtless.

So what are some gift cards that Western New Yorkers actually like to have?  We reached out to you on facebook and these are some of the responses we got.

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