Head shaving violates the dress code policy at Caprock Academy.

That is not a joke...and that is not right especially for this one little girl who wanted to show support for her best friend.

Kamryn Renfro is a 9 year old student and chose to go bald, with her parents' approval, to show support for her friend battling cancer Delaney Clements and undergoing chemotherapy. Her school Caprock Academy sent her home Monday for violating the dress code.

The school says there policy clear and in place to not have a distracting learning place. They want to promote uniformity in the school policies and not discriminate therefore, they are "standing by their decision."

Delaney says that her best friend was "excited to show everyone back at school."

Oddly enough, the principal has said Kamryn would be allowed to go to school tomorrow but, they still stand by their decision concerning the dress code policy. A school board meeting is set to discuss the situation.

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