Have you ever jumped through a table? It is completely understandable if you haven’t -- it’s dangerous and people have broken their tailbone attempting the feat. However, there are also people that have jumped through a table while lit on fire (see below). 

Jumping through a table is not as easy as it looks, and while I do not recommend that you try this at home, this was the way I decided to prepare for my first Bills game.

Live with Clay & Company, I took my first leap of faith ahead of my first Bills game (and first NFL game ever) and Rob Banks helped me with my technique. If you ever do consider jumping into a table (or you get caught up in the excitement and kind of just...do it), the key is to jump into the table with your bottom. Face the ladder (or whatever you are jumping off) so your back side is what makes contact with the table.

Remember, be careful. We do not suggest that you try this, as there are risks to jumping -- hence why I wore my helmet. I didn’t break it on the first jump, but I was determined and got back up to break it on the second time. You can watch the video below. 

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