Ok, I know...the school officially did away with "Fredfest" a few years ago.  But that doesn't mean that kids aren't going to still have their own celebration to remember it in Fredonia.  But, if you're going to be partying there this weekend, be aware.

Stay out of trouble, and definitely don't get arrested.

That's fair warning from Fredonia police chief Bradley Meyers who says they are preparing themselves for the weekend.  Meyers issued this release according to WGRZ-TV:

In anticipation of the possibility of illegal activities within the Village of Fredonia on the Weekend of April 27th through the 29th, The Fredonia Police Department wants to make the community aware that Officers are now wearing body cameras to assist in documenting the events as they are occurring and we will be posting all arrests on our FACEBOOK page for public viewing.

In addition, the judges are going to hold court throughout the evening and into the night so that all subjects arrested can be arraigned and subsequently held for bail. Anyone arrested who cannot post bail will be transported to Chautauqua County Jail in Mayville until they can secure bail.

If you are intending to attend a social event in the Village of Fredonia this weekend, we encourage you to obey the law. It would be unfortunate for future employers to see your arrest on social media.


Bradley C. Meyers

Chief of Police

Sounds pretty clear to me.

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