Sadly, the original actresses from The Golden Girls have all passed away.  But you can still get a picture with them as The Buffalo Bills' biggest fans.

Who are the Golden Girls?

"The Golden Girls" was a TV show back in the 80's about four ladies in their golden years who all lived together in Miami.  The house that they lived in was owned by Blanche (Rue McClanahan), and her friends Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Dorothy's mom Sophia (Estelle Getty), and Rose (Betty White).  They all struggled with relationships and the issues that come with getting older but it was hilarious.  They would talk over their problems over a cheesecake in the dining room.  The show was timeless.  If you watch it today, the jokes are still funny.

Who knew the Golden Girls were Bills fans?

Considering the show was set in Miami, most people would never guess that the ladies were all fans of the Buffalo Bills.  We would guess that they were Dolphins fans, if they were fans of football at all.  But we have photo evidence of the ladies cheering on the Bills in Clarence, NY.

Where can you see the Golden Girls?

If you drive down Main Street in Clarence, you'll see the girls all sitting by the entrance to the town park.  It's a display of crocheted mannequins that were the work of Sandy Arden.  They're all there with their signs and Bills pendants.  They're all sitting next to each other with Blanche on the left, then Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose from left to right.  Even Stanley is supporting them in the background.

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