It was something out a movie on Wednesday evening.

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Around 8 pm on Wednesday evening, a tractor-trailer lost control on the 90 westbound in the wet road conditions and hit a guardrail. The truck partially went over the Mineral Springs overpass in West Seneca and bursts into flames.

The driver was in trouble, but luckily, a man driving by decided to take action.

According to WIVB, Alex Antonio Rodriguez-Gonzalez of South Buffalo was driving to the store with his pregnant fiancee when they saw the truck crash and catch on fire over Mineral Springs Road.

The driver had jumped out of the cab when the truck caught on fire but was still close by to the accident.

That's when Rodriguez-Gonzalez decided to take action.

“You see all the debris, he was right here, maybe a little bit higher, because he slipped down when he tried to get up,” he said. “So that’s when I walked up. I knew I had to grab him, because the thing was starting to shake, the other engines were blowing. I just put my arm out. He already had his arm out and we locked wrists. I grabbed his wrist, he grabbed my wrist and I helped him up," said Rodriguez-Gonzalez.

His fiancee was looking on in horror.

“I was terrified, I was pretty mad that he got out the car, I was freaking out,” she said. “But, I’m glad he helped the guy, because I’m watching and right as he helped him move, right after that, the front of the truck fell down.”

Another good Samaritan arrived and helped the driver after Alex pulled him away from the blaze. A nurse that arrived at the scene called 911.

Rodriguez-Gonzalez said the man was grateful for helping him. The driver wanted to know his name.

“I told him my name was Alex, he just kissed my hand and told me thank you. I just would really like to see him again.”

The driver is being treated at ECMC for the injuries he sustained.

Amazing story and thank goodness the driver made it out.

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