The cold weather is sticking around for a few weeks in New York State. In fact, the weather has been relentless over the last few days as wind and rain has pounded a portion of New York State.

When you reach for that coat or gloves, or even a pair of boots, they may be made with a warm and waterproof material. Gortex has been around for some time and when it first arrived on the market, just about everyone who had an item of clothing would proudly announce. "these are, or this is, GORTEX". Fast forward to 2023 and we may be seeing the end of it.

Could Gortex be the next material that is off the market

However, the other side of the argument is that state governments are moving too quickly to shut things down. From gas stoves, to gas powered vehicles and now clothing, there are a variety of things that have a target on them.

While we wait to see what's next, Gortex sure has made living in a cold, wet climate more manageable. If you ski, play or work outside in the winter months, Gortex clothing helps to keep you warm and dry. It's one of those conveniences that we take for granted and if you are creative, perhaps you can come up with the next best thing?

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