Governor Cuomo on Monday laid out a warning/threat that if the Senate passes health care reform that our property taxes will be going up across New York State, including here in Erie County.

If passed, there is a provision prevent the state from having counties pay for a share of Medicaid costs. Most states do not even have counties pay into this. In order to offset the cost, he said he would tack it onto our property taxes.

According to WGRZ, some officials have started pushing back:

Once again, (Cuomo) would rather stick his hand into the pocket of New Yorkers, who already pay the highest taxes in the nation, than get control of his spending," Cox said in a statement.

Collins accused Cuomo of "passing the buck on to hardworking New York families by proposing new taxes," noting the $2.3 billion is less than 2 percent of the state's $153 billion budget."

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