When you get the entire Gronkowski family in one room, who knows what it's like. Mayhem? Hilarious, I'd guess. I guess some of you may actually know, since they're from WNY.

Now imagine all five Gronkowski brothers coming through your TV in a new series (which appears to be partially animated).

The Gronks is the show that is being shopped around and would be a fictional look at the antics of the five Gronkowski brothers, Gordy, Chris, Dan, Glenn and Rob, and their father Gordy Sr.

The teaser takes a look into the guys' lives, their professional lives and their partying lifestyle. There's some language too, so if you're sensitive, move on, but this is reality television (kinda) after all.

Good thing they're all super-talented, or suddenly it sounds like an episode of Paris Hilton's life.