It's always fun when a Bills game falls around Halloween.  Last night was no different.  Bills fans dressed up and showed the world how awesome they are.

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These days, it's no secret that people come from all over the world to see what it's like to be at a Buffalo Bills tailgate.  They've heard how crazy it is and when they get here, they find out that it's even crazier than they originally thought.  The commentators were even mentioning it before, during, and even after the game was over.

Last night was the perfect storm for craziness.  First of all, we had perfect weather for football.  It was just a little cool, but no rain or snow.  It was perfect.  Then add to that the fact that it was a night game.  That gave people all day to get ready.  It was in prime time too so it was on a national stage.

They didn't disappoint either.  Some of the costumes that they showed were pretty impressive.

We'll give the packers fans a little love.  Some of them dressed up too!

When you think about it, most of our super fans dress up for every game.  We have a couple guys that dress up like chefs.  We have a guy that dresses up like Elvis.  We even have a guy that wears a Hannibal Lector mask that's decorated in red, white, and blue. But last night we also saw everything from gory monsters and horror movie bad guys to a person dressed up as Jesus with a sign that said "May the Bills be with you."

Here are just a handful of the costumes that were there at the game yesterday...

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