The most popular wedding season is fall/autumn, according to The Oasis, but for many couples, it may be the month that they are popping the question. 

One man from West Seneca, NY planned a spooky Halloween-themed engagement for his boo

Casey Pew and Morgan Bartz have known each other since 2019, and when it came to popping the question, Pew wanted to make his proposal very special. 

“Morgan has loved [Halloween] her entire life,” he said. 

That sparked an idea for Casey Pew: he was going to build an entire Halloween party around the proposal and surprise her with the big question. 

Most of the guests were actually surprised by the proposal, too!

“We spent weeks preparing for the party that I kept claiming ‘was all for not,’” Pew said. “Which I meant as it was all a set up for something greater.” 

After posing for a group picture with their closest family and friends, Casey Pew got down on one knee and asked Morgan those four life-changing words:

“Will you marry me?”

You can see the video below. 

After the engagement, Morgan said she was so shocked “she didn’t know whether to cry, run, or pass out.” 

Most engagement photos seem to catch a couple looking their “best-dressed,” with a fresh manicure and perfectly done hair. That wasn’t the case for Casey and Morgan. 

Because Morgan loves Halloween, Casey wanted their engagement to be perfect…for her. 

It didn’t follow the typical status quo of an engagement, but rather it featured the couple celebrating with their friends and family all the same – just dressed up in their costumes in honor of the spooky season. 

“From the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew,” Pew said. “I’ve had this planned since the day we met.” 

Congratulations to Casey & Morgan, who have decided to choose each other from the pumpkin patch. ;)

Oh, and happy Halloween! 

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