Love and relationship songs have been a common subject over the course of country music's history. Outside of breakups and drinking songs, it's the subject most common and associated with the format.

While many songs talk about the subject, it's always cool when a song can take a unique angle. That's exactly what "Us" by Hannah Ellis does.

The song talks about how a couple will always be associated with one another. Your friends can't think about you without the other. It's such a relatable concept and "Us" also offers great imagery within its lyrics.

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It's the debut single for Curb Records artist Hannah Ellis and is currently at country radio. It was written by Ellis, along with Jason Massey and Travis Wood.

Hannah is a Kentucky native who has been in Nashville a while now, and has been releasing songs since 2017; like "Officer Down," which Hannah wrote about her cousin Daniel Ellis, who was a police officer in Richmond, Kentucky. He was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2015.

The song was incredibly personal to Hannah, but the song touched the lives of others who shared similar experiences.

Hannah's is this week's guest and featured artist on the "Nine O'clock News:" with Chris Owen. She talked about her debut radio single "Us", her emotional song "Officer Down," and her experience so far with Buffalo.

Thanks to Hannah for taking some time out with me. Super down to earth and incredibly talented. Catch "Us" on the "Nine O'clock News" tomorrow morning (Saturday, December 18th) at 9 am on WYRK.

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