Spring is the season of growth.  How in the world could anyone hate it?  Well, here are ten reasons that you can probably get on board with.

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Welcome to spring!  We finally made it.  After yet another winter that seemed like it would never end, sure enough, we've made it to the first full day of spring.

Spring is the season of growth

Generally, spring is seen as a season of good times.  It's the start of a new life cycle.  Winter is supposed to melt away and we will then see flowers and plants bloom.  The weather gets warmer and we begin to prepare for summer.

How could anyone hate spring?

When you hear a description of spring like the one in the last paragraph, how could anyone hate spring you ask?

The answer is...it's not always like that in Western New York.  Sure, winter slows down, but it still feels far from over here.  We still get cold temperatures and even snow for weeks (even months) to come.  It's not uncommon to get a big snowstorm in April here.  So it almost feels a little like false advertising.  While people in other areas are already starting to change over their wardrobe from hoodies to t-shirts, we will still be wearing hoodies into June (out of necessity to stay warm...not just because we like how hoodies fit).

Is Spring The Worst Season?

You've heard plenty of people in Western New York say that one of the things they like the most about this area is that the seasons change.  It's nice to have a change of pace.  So anytime we get a new season, it's good.  Spring is definitely not the worst season to get through here.  At least it means we are one step closer to summer.  I think most people just wish it was more like summer than winter.

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