I still remember taking a field trip to Fort Niagara as a kid and hearing all kinds of stories from the tour guides, including some spooky ones.

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One of the most talked-about aspects of the historic Fort Niagara site is the story of the hobgoblin.

According to Mason Winfield (historian of local folklore), per WGRZ, the hobgoblin is more a prankster than something that's a threat.

A young piper named John Carroll in 1804 was punished for drunkenness by being thrown in the black hole, which is a pit of solitary confinement. Dug into the floor of one of the buildings.

Carroll claims he was visited by a hobgoblin (or demon) that night and said that he was instructed to write a song or a hymn. You can listen to a piece of it here.

Then, a soldier was on duty in 1812 before he supposedly saw a being in the graveyard. He saw it come into view during a lightning strike. He fired his rifle at it and ran off, knocking himself out cold by going into a barricade.

But since both incidents involved both men being intoxicated...but did they actually see the hobgoblin?

According to the Old Fort Niagara website, they too make mention of the folklore of the hobgoblin, including the "wall of fog."

Whether or not you believe in the hobgoblin, it certainly makes for an interesting story, especially since it involves such a historic site as Old Fort Niagara.

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