With a history that spans more than 300 years, some of the structures on the grounds of Old Fort Niagara in the town of Youngstown are among the oldest anywhere in the Great Lakes region.  It's location along Lake Ontario right at the mouth of the Niagara River was key to controlling access to the Great Lakes and land routes headed west across the continent.


The French opened the first frontier post on the grounds of Fort Niagara in 1679.  It remained in French hands until the British took control 80 years later and it traded hands between American and British forces during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812.  Beginning with the Civil War era Old Fort Niagara served as an army training station and active barracks until the last units were withdrawn in 1963.

Today, visitors can experience what life was like at the fort over the past couple hundred years with its living history programs, exhibits and special events.  On Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11th, all veterans and active duty military can visit Old Fort Niagara FREE of charge.

For a limited time purchase Two Adult admission passes for Old Fort Niagara for just $12.00.  The offer expires at 11:59 pm on November 12th, but it's valid to use thru April 15th, 2016.  Take advantage of the Old Fort Niagara Seize the Deal offer here.

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