Looking to discover something different about Western New York that you haven’t tried yet? How about learning some history too while you are at it!

I know learning during the summer months doesn't sound THAT exciting, but after this next activity, you might be changing your mind. This weekend, head out for some history at Old Fort Niagara. 

After living in WNY my entire life, I have never been there, and especially being a history geek myself, I knew it was time to venture out there. Old Fort Niagara is located in Youngstown and is open all year long. There is so much history behind the fort, from the struggle between the French, English and the Americas to today. I was fascinated the minute we pulled in. The weekend I went was a special one since they were having war reenactments happening that weekend. I got a ringside seat as the French and British took on the Americans. In the battle I watched, they won, unfortunately. 

After that we made sure to check out all of the buildings in the fort. It’s amazing after visiting Fort Ticonderoga and now Fort Niagara seeing the differences. This fort is definitely high class. 

Any weekend is a great weekend to walk around the Fort, but on a few weekends is some special events.  On August 28, they have the music of the War of 1812, and on Labor Day weekend, they have the War of 1812 Encampment with battle and musket demonstrations. 

One event in October really caught my eye and sparked my ghost hunter in me! The Fort hosts an event called the Haunted Fortress. On October 19 and 24 you will have the chance to take a bone-chilling tour through the haunted fortress and discover  the dark side of Fort Niagara’s History.  Get more details on Fort Niagara and the events happening there at their website.

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