Most of us in our 40s and 50s try our best to keep up with the latest trends. Perhaps it is the job that I have? But I seem to hear and see a lot of things that are popular in society. But every now and again, I feel as though I am out of touch or have zero clue what a new word or phrase might mean?

Gen-Z kids have a new term for those who are "basic."

According to a report from

Being a cheug seems to apply largely to older Millennials that are women, but apparently it knows no age or gender expression. It’s similar to being “basic,” but a bit more specific.

There comes a point in every life when you realize you are getting older and maybe less cool. For me it is when I read about awards shows and music trends. I have no clue who many of the new pop stars are. Now that we have kids, there is hope that they will keep mom and I "in the game" and understanding what the heck these kids are saying?

From generation to generation, there are words or phrases that are trendy. The term "dude" seems to have stuck around for awhile. But even as I am writing this I can't verify with certainty that calling someone dude is even acceptable anymore?

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