Looks like moves are being made to bring legalized marijuana to New York State, and no, this isn't the result of a protest or petition, but rather the work and recommendation of the New York Department of Health.

According to WIVB,  It was announced Monday, that the state health department is set to recommend to Governor Cuomo, that New York should legalize recreational marijuana. Governor Cuomo stated earlier this year in his State of the State address that he would be launching a task force to "look into the impact legalized marijuana would have on the state" (WIVB).

After speaking out Monday to the press, WIVB reported, New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker told reporters from an audio recording given by his office that "The report found the pros outweigh the cons". The received audio also stated that Dr. Zucker:

 "... is still working on finalizing the report that would be delivered to Governor Cuomo, but he says it will recommend a regulated legal marijuana program be available for adults in the State  of New York."

Although it was not specified on when the law could be passed, it's unlikely it will get approved before the end of the legislative session which is on Wednesday. It's also still unknown if the state will even listen to the recommendation, and move forward. Read the full story here!

This raises the obvious question, are in favor with the state legalizing recreational marijuana, or opposed?


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