Halloween is over and the winter seems to have arrived in portions of New York State. It was a cold night to trick or treat and when we went to bed, there was some snow flying. However, I am not sure we expected this much?

The snow that came in overnight in Western New York was wet and heavy. Although it piled up on everything else, the roads seem to be just wet and in some places a little icy.

The Christmas music has started on local radio here in Western New York and the timing could not be better for that! The fresh snow on the trees and some Holiday cheer on the air is a perfect combination and the start of the next 55 days of nothing but Christmas.

Although here in Western New York we are seeing snow, there are some in New York State who are not.

If you didn't have a snow brush ready, there is a good chance that you were caught off guard. Make sure you clean that car off properly and be safe today.

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