Do we really need a reason to party in Buffalo? Heck, we even have come up with certain holidays that we only celebrate here in the 716 so we can party!

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Of course, we all know the major holidays that everyone celebrates. New Year's Eve, Christmas, Fourth of July. Those days you can look anywhere in the country and find people celebrating and having a party.

But there are certain days on the calendar that you will find a huge party here in Western New York that you won't find anyone else across the country celebrating.

These holidays are special to Western New Yorkers because of the deep pride we have living in Western New York. From the love to our Football team, the Buffalo Bills, to the love of our area code 716. There are days on the calendar that you know that people in Buffalo will be cracking open a cold Labatt Blue and grilling some Sahlen's hotdogs and dunking some wings in blue cheese.

What makes these days extra special is that these days are for Western New Yorkers only. If you don't live in the 716 or didn't grow up in Western New York these days would just be another date on the calendar. But for Western New Yorkers, these days are extra special and may even call for a use of a sick day from work to celebrate,

The best part is that if you are celebrating any of these days, chances are that plenty of other Western New Yorkers are too, so you know that you will always have friends to hang out with and have fun with.

Holidays Only Celebrated In Buffalo

We are always looking for a reason to party.

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