Western New York will represented will on February when the Kansas City Chiefs head to Tampa to take on Tom Brady and the Bucs.

Four health care workers will be headed to the game at Raymond James Stadium to be the Buffalo Bills and the Pegula's guest. Patti Keller and Rachel Gibson from Buffalo General and Kaitlin Floyd and Cellina Ciotoli from ECMC will be the 4 that get to go to the game. Bills co-owner Kim Pegula jumped on a zoom call and surprised them by they’re going to Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay.

If you are related to know someone who works in the health care field, you know how much they sacrifice. They do not always get to spend Christmas with the family, or make sure they are off and on the couch for the Buffalo Bills game, so this such a nod to the people and Bills fans that are always on call to take care of us all the time.



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