A lot of shopping happens online these days and that means trends are being recorded and the world is getting a peek into some of our most embarrassing shopping habits. Some of the items that came up in these findings are definitely out of left field and some make a lot of sense. So what is the most search shopping item in New York state for the past year? Estately crunched the numbers and came up with the top searched items in every state. What do you think? Computers, TV's, Phones? Nope. Women's Tracksuits. Women's Tracksuits? Interesting item but I guess if you think about it, people do need some casual/athletic clothes. At least we're not our neighbor Pennsylvania and looking for mesh shirts


See the full map HERE.

Other items most commonly searched in NY included:

  • Fur clothing
  • Wearable towels
  • Showtime Rotisserie (This is a Rotisserie Machine)
  • Coyote urine
  • Payless boots that look like Uggs
  • Plaid golf pants
  • Snakeskin shoes
  • Platform sneakers
  • Hemp necklace / hemp bracelet
  • Men’s capri pants
  • Prada heels
  • Mini wine bottles bulk

It can be noted that there are a wide variety of items that are being searched in the state. Some are just more weird than the others.

Other memorable searched items from other states include roller skates in Alabama, marijuana seeds in Arizona, Borat Makinis in Colorado, Samurai Umbrellas in Massachusetts and Big Mouth Billy Bass in Wisconsin. There are some items that don't help fight against some state's stereotypes and then there are some items that just plain don't make sense. It is however very entertaining to see all the items and then immediately go google them to see what they look like and how much they are.  Which means this survey might look a little different next year! See the full list of the most searched items in each state HERE. Your search history is about to look very weird.

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