It is the end of an era.

Well, kind of.

Everyone in Buffalo, New York knows the iconic Dave's Christmas Wonderland store on the corner of Union and William. Someone new had bought the building and Dave's is going to consolidate their 2 stores into 1, which is at the newer location over on the corner of Transit Road and French (the old K-Mart). In the meantime, Dave's has put all of their merchandise in the building to the left of the former location trying to sell as much as possible. They even had a major sale where customers could come in and fill up their shopping cart with WHATEVER they wanted for only $50! Obviously, it did not last long.

Now that the era is over, you will no longer see that old faded DAVE'S sign as you head over to the 90. When you drive by you will see a sign for a brand new liquor store called UNION WINE & LIQUOR that will soon open its doors.

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NEXT: Target will deliver you Starbucks. Target has started adding the option online that you can add your Starbucks order onto your curbside pickup and they will bring it to you in your car.

Now, they are only going to start testing this at select stores including some in New York. When you go to order your curbside order for the family, see if there is an option to have your Starbucks order brought out to the car for you.

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