I texted my wife this news earlier this morning and I am pretty sure I could hear her excitement through my cell phone. When you go into Target, it could be a double whammy: you can go in to shop AND go hit up the Starbucks that is inside to get your venti caramel frapp.

But, what if you ordered online for curbside pickup, but still want to get your treat from Starbucks. GOOD NEWS: Target will deliver you Starbucks. Target has started adding the option online that you can add your Starbucks order onto your curbside pickup and they will bring it to you in your car.

Now, they are only going to start testing this at select stores including some in New York. When you go to order your curbside order for the family, see if there is an option to have your Starbucks order brought out to the car for you.

Also, you may notice something else while you order from Target online. If you use either Instacart or Target curbside, you are going to see more options for backup items. Typically, if you order something and there is an item that is not there, they will get you a similar item. Now, they are giving you more options so that you can expect a certain backup in case there is an item that is out of stock.

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Do you use Target curbside or Instacart more when you do the shopping for your house.

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