We all have that one food that we just won't eat. There is something about that food that just turns your stomach.

For me, it is eggs. Now, I didn't always hate eggs, but one night while visiting my brother changed my whole mindset on eggs.

Memory is a very powerful thing and our history when we are younger definitely shapes who we are today. One night in Fredonia has changed my taste for eggs forever.

Here is what happened. It was 1997 something and I went to go visit my brother Mark at SUNY Fredonia for the weekend. Just like many young men at college, we decided to have some fun and enjoy the libations at area taverns. While this night, I induced a little too much at Sunny's and that is where the story of my aversion to eggs started.

After having a little too many adult beverages we decided to head back to my brother's dorm room. We were hungry and he made everyone scrambled eggs. Now, because of my overindulgence of adult libations, after eating the eggs, I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god.

This is a really bad memory and of course now anytime I smell eggs my brain floods my mind with memories of that night and my stomach can't take it. So for the past 25+ years, I have stayed away from eggs.

What is that one food that you won't eat? Let me know using or APP.

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And to my brother Mark, your cooking still stinks! hahaha


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