With most of us stuck home to help Flatten the Curve, you might be thinking of doing some outdoor projects around the house.

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Sure it feels good to knock out a bunch of stuff on the Honey-to-do list but there is one project you should wait on...Cleaning your garden.

According to savvygardening.com, you shouldn't clear out the garden until we have steady temps of more than 50 degrees..the reason....Bugs!

Again, waiting as long as possible to rake leaves out of perennial beds is the best idea. Hold off on your spring garden clean up until daytime temperatures consistently reach the 50s, if possible.


Scores of beneficial insects – ladybugs, assassin bugs, and damsel bugs, for example – hunker down for the winter in leaf litter as adults. Others do so as eggs or pupae.


And, adult butterflies, such as morning cloaks, question marks, and commas, nestle into leaf litter for the winter.


Luna moths spend the winter in cocoons that look just like a crinkled brown leaf.

These insects will start to move as the weather warms up. So leave the garden clean-up until it warms up.

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