The Buffalo Bills just wrapped up their best season in a quarter century and there are so many positives to takeaway and look forward to for next year. The support for the Buffalo Bills can be seen and felt just about everywhere you go and there is no shortage of Bills Mafia references and appearances on social media.

Among the signs and Tweets that are around town are songs promoting the team and the fan-base.

Here is a song that I found on YouTube that shows the appreciation for the blue collar fans that back the Buffalo Bills.

Every time we pass by Bills Stadium, our boys yell "go Bills!" This is where it all begins. From the youngest fan to the oldest member of the Bills Mafia, there is a passion for this team like no other.It is more than just cheering for the team on Sunday or breaking the occasional folding table. Those of us who are on the bandwagon of fandom know the feeling of being part of a large family that steps up to help those in need or those who need a hand up every now and again.

While we wait to see how the off season, the draft and the JJ Watt situations play out, let's celebrate the fact that we have something to be excited about here in Buffalo! Check out Blue Collar Fans!

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