Ever since June, one of the biggest topics in Western New York, if not, the biggest topic, has been the potential new Buffalo Bills stadium on the horizon.

The AP reported in August the Bills proposed an open-air Orchard Park stadium with an estimated cost of $1.4 billion.

Last week, New York State released a 91-page study that dove into every aspect of the potential new stadium's finances, economic impact and locations. Those locations are Orchard Park and downtown, which is called the "South Park" site.

On Tuesday, the Buffalo Common Council held a meeting to get the public's opinion on a new stadium site, along with presentations.

According to tweets from Spectrum News' Ryan Whalen, there was considerable support for a downtown stadium.

Stadium renderings of a downtown stadium from the Bills in Buffalo group, and the difference between it and an Orchard Park site.

Developer Douglas Jemal said during the meeting that they should trust the Pegulas, who want to build a stadium in Orchard Park.

The support for a downtown stadium was evident from Tuesday's Common Council meeting, however, and all the money that the city would make from a downtown stadium, even if it costs more than one built in Orchard Park.

Termini urges the public and government to not make a crucial mistake, and build the stadium downtown because of the lucrative financial impact that would be made after the fact.

It should be noted that there is no decision made one way or another, and that this is still very early on in the stadium process. The South Park site is one talked about as a potential location, but not solidified as the exact location for a downtown one, if that's the route they ultimately decide to go.

If the stadium is built on the South Park site, 600 people who live in the Perry Projects would immediately become displaces. However, according to Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Commissioner Renato Graham, this would be an opportunity for those people to get better housing, which are options for the BMHA to use and find them alternative places to live.

What are your thoughts? Are you for the push for a downtown Bills stadium? Or is leaving it in Orchard Park the better move for the Bills and the Buffalo community?

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