Today is National Work From Home Day! And I'm sure many of you celebrated in your sweatpants, you know, like every day.

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Video conferencing went from novelty to norm pretty fast since the beginning of most of our work-from-home careers, and it hasn't been without its unintended hilarity.

By now you've probably seen some of the biggest offenses -- a rogue microphone catching something it shouldn't, forgetting your video is on (so people can see you), and distracting background activities.

National Today offers some surprising statistics for work-from-home warriors, including our video conferencing faux pas.

According to their survey, here's the top five most common embarrassments suffered at the keyboards of home offices everywhere:

1. Something your kids are doing in the background. Whether they're dancing or think they're being subtle -- they're definitely getting noticed. In fact, if you listen closely, you'll catch a minimum of 922 times a week hearing "Mooooommmm!" yelled in the background during Clay & Company. Imagine if we had cameras!

2. Your SO is SO embarrassing. Sometimes it's not the kids to blame, but your significant other. More than 25 percent of us have had our partners do something somewhat mortifying during a work call.

3. The fashion (and hygiene) police are calling. Okay, we can't lie. One of the nicest parts of working from home is being able to slack a bit on the formalities of getting ready for work. But some of you need to remember, you still should change outfits from day to day. One out of four people reported colleagues wearing either visibly dirty clothes, or wearing the same clothes day after day.

4. "He Who Smelt It, Dealt It." We're talking gas folks. A lot of incidences of it.

5. Accidental Nakie Time. We can only hope this is happening so frequently because folks forget their cameras are enabled. Either that or we have an entirely new generation of workplace exhibitionists on our hands.


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