Artificial Intelligence is one of the most intriguing and advanced items of modern technology. The way things are moving, we have droids delivering pizzas, fetching our mail and perhaps driving our vehicles for us. But among the conveniences that A.I. might offer, it may soon safe your life!

According to a new report from USA Today,

Google researchers say they can use artificial intelligence to predict the risk of heart attack or stroke. The way it works is through looking at the blood vessels in a person's retina.

That's incredible! Modern technology has gotten so advanced that it can look through your eye and tell you if you are on the verge of a life threatening episode.

It's not uncommon for pets to be used for similar warnings. For those who may have epilepsy, for example, dogs and even cats have been able to help predict the onset of a seizure. There are dogs that can also help those who are diabetic and predict potential shock

Researchers say they were able to predict which patients would have a heart episode in the next five years with 70 percent accuracy. That's as accurate as more invasive measures that draw blood. The results are published in the journal "Nature Biomedical Engineering."

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